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About Us

Vapor Clean Inc. was founded by Ken and Bob Hatem in 1996 to introduce commercial grade vapor/steam cleaning technology to the greater New York area. Our initial marketing targeted the food service industry due to the grease cutting capabilities of the dry/hot steam vapor. Many restaurants, country clubs, hospitals, supermarkets, bakeries, candy manufacturers, and catering halls, purchased our vapor systems to detail clean all areas of their kitchens: Floors, walls, ovens, prep tables, refrigerators, freezers, etc.  Our customers soon discovered that the steam/vapor was also great for other cleaning applications such as: Bathroom detailing, carpet spotting, restoring dining chairs, bubble gum removal, and more.

Soon we were calling on the housekeeping departments of colleges, public and private schools, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, apartment houses, and other organizations with in-house cleaning staffs. The most popular cleaning applications include: Bathroom tile & grout restoration, floor finish removal (corners, edges, door kick plates, elevator tracks), furniture cleaning, carpet spotting, wall scrubbing, and indoor brick and stone cleaning

We also serve other lines of business, such as: Office and home cleaning contractors, auto detailers, fire and police departments, jails, government (local, state, federal), crime scene cleanup companies, exterminators, and retail stores. In fact, almost any type of company needs to detail clean and/or disinfect periodically.

We strongly believe that a commercial grade vapor cleaning system must be extremely durable, easy to use, and very safe to operate. The MondoVap 2400 with TANCS comes with a 3 year bumper-to-bumper parts and labor warrantee. The system is fully automatic due to its internal computer board. There is only one button on the steam generator, the on/off button, so anyone on your staff can operate the system. There is no pressure cooker type cap on the boiler to worry about, so water can be safely added to the system at all times. The system also features automatic manual and electronic shut down for various conditions. A full presentation at your site will point out every feature and benefit of the system.

There are several other vapor systems on the market that are promoted as “commercial grade”. Few meet the above criteria and only the MondoVap 2400 (and other AVT models) feature the patented TANCS “hospital grade” steam/vapor. Three independent testing laboratories have documented the disinfecting capability of the TANCS steam. TANCS Steam Vapor is many times more effective than standard chemical disinfectants, without the associated risks to people, the environment, and surfaces. A 5 second exposure to the TANCS (EPA Est. No. 82121-W-01) steam kills most any bacteria, viruses, and fungi; including: MRSA, VRE, flu viruses, and c-diff spores – WITHOUT CHEMICALS! Test results available on request.

Today, Vapor Clean Inc., is the Northeast Master Distributor and Service Center for the commercial products division of Advanced Vapor Technology (AVT). We have staff available to demonstrate the MondoVap 2400, live at your location. Our customer list of thousands includes many large, well known organizations as well as smaller and less known companies. Here are just a few names you may recognize: Borgata Hotel (Atlantic City), Hertz Car Rentals, Yale University, VA Hospitals (multiple locations), Genesis Healthcare Nursing Homes (multiple locations), NYU Medical Center, the Staten Island Ferry, Hershey Foods, Exxon Mobile, UPS, Goodwill Industries, the Westchester Country Club, and many more.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon to demonstrate the power and versatility of the MondoVap 2400 at your location. Please call today (631-462-0446).

Ken Hatem, President.